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"Anyway this JEdi is from the Old Republic? Perhaps she will know things belonging to a very special Jedi long dead. Any problems on the surface?"

Garrick checked the planetary scanners.

"Yeah, I'm sure this Jedi will fill in the missing link to alot of things...she has yet to gain our trust, as in the Mandalorians....we'll see what happens."

Something was beeping on the control console.

He checked the scanners again.

"I think we do have a problem on the surface....Captain Durrel is requesting immediate Evac."

Admiral Barek was checking fleet readiness.

"We can't possibly get there within the requested time, everything is locked down, from the hyperspace run....we're going to need another way..."

Admiral Velerc's fleet was placed at the expected course of the Republic ships. They all stood at the ready.

"Anytime now...anytime..."

you very much
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