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Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
However, if you ask whether violent games have an effect on children, then seriously, how could they not?
This is an attempt to shift the burden of proof. If someone wants to argue that violent games do have an effect, I'm perfectly willing to listen to whatever they have to say (in fact, I'm quite interested in what a legitimate study would show). However it is on the parties making the claim that there is an effect to show what that effect is. Otherwise, we're just guessing.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
Or why would you think is there a huge industry shoving learning computers and learning games/programs down our throats?
Which would seem to posit that there is some benefit to these devices (???). Do you have a source for this?

I think we're all aware that companies sometimes market products that consumers belief have some utility but actually don't (how much money does homeopathy rake in every year?).

Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
So, video games, television, movies, music, comic books, etc, are not part of our society, and do in no way carry a potential to be problematic? Hm. Hm Hm.
Well sure. But I'm not sure what this is supposed to show us.

If I play games and my friends play games, that makes us "gamers", not "mass murders". Even if we pile on violence in TV, movies, music, etc, I think we have to admit that a lot of this violence is situational. I think seeing your dad beat your mom IRL one time is going to be a lot more damaging than a million hours of "shooting" pixels shaped like zombies. One of these situations is modeling behavior while the other is clearly fantasy.
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