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Andirrul turned to Wrath. "You're right," she replied, wiping away a tear. "I am stronger than this, but it seems I am in a lethal quandary..." She stood up. "I made a bargain with three hunters--Mech, Ulim and Terror--vowing that if they killed Lord Tyrannus (and Terror ate him), I'd set them up with a contract and a permanent supply of Ultra-Chrome, a rare and almost-indestructible metal. They almost fulfilled their half of the bargain. Terror almost murdered Tyrannus and ate him, but the Dark Lord stunned him and allowed himself to live another day. He says to send Terror after the Jedi, but how can I tell Mech and Ulim that their target for assassination has suddenly been switched? I can't. They'll think I'm weak, and they'll think I'm no good at choosing targets or keeping bargains."

She blinked. "After this, Lord Tyrannus is going to try and kill me. He's going to make me pay for my betrayal. I suggest a duel, you and me, in which--I practice fighting you. I will not kill you. You are the only one I trust now."
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