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Kai slowly staggered to his feet as the mage walked closer and closer. "I'm slightly angry at you Kai. I would have expected you to have fought Hizuni...killed her. Instead you pleaded with her to understand and then you told her to run. So very...disappointing. I thought you were stonger then that Kai."

"I told her to run to keep her from getting hurt by you again. You will not harm her again for as long as I live."

"My dear seem to be under the mistaken impression that you have a say in this matter. I can destroy whoever or whatever I want, whenever I want simply because I have the power. Like that Federation ship thats hiding in the Asteroid belt right now."

They followed me?! Damn it!

"Leave them alone. Your battle is with me and me only. If you hurt them...any of them-"

"You'll do what? Kill me? In the shape your in you can barely walk. I will deal with soon as I take care of my so-called 'apprentice'."

No...Not Hizuni! Not again!

Kai watched helplessly as the mage's hand began to glow with power and finally a blast of pure black magic shot out and struck Hizuni directly in the back as she ran.

"N-No...Not again...Not again...Not again...Not again."

Kai's mind did the only thing it could do in a situation like this. It shut down and began to reboot.

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