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Wrath listened as Andirrul told him what he had done. He nodded his head when she finished speaking.

"I know about the three mercs Andirrul, I remained hidden in the shadows when you did so. I was there in case things got out of hand. Let me deal with Ulim, Mech, and Terror. I'll tell them what they will do next. As for Lord Tyrannus, he wouldn't think to do a thing. Without you the New Empire would fall apart and even if he tries he'll have to get through me first. I would be honored to duel you Mistress if you would still like to."


Kurt took off both of his gauntlets and looked down at his pale hands. He removed the helmet as well and let it sit on a table. His face was just as pale as his hands. He checked the jedi's pulse and began looking for things in the med bay.

"Sir while I've never had it, I can picture what it does. I don't think its the only thing. Her heart rate is dropping which is preventing blood from reaching her brain. That's whats causing her to faint."

Kurt came back with a needle that contained a clear liquid in it. He injected the liquid into the jedi's arm.

"This is going to keep her heart rate up and allow blood to get to her head. Remember that woman we bumped into back in front of the ruins? I think she has something to do with this."

Kurt walked back to search for bacta. He found some and filled the needle slightly with it. He walked back and injected this as well.

"I think she was poisoned sir. This explains her constant vomiting. The bacta should finish off any poison in her bloodstream that our hermit friend didn't already remove. I believe she would have suffered from the Hibernation sickness long before we arrived on this planet. I'd still check her for it anyway though. She should be clear of toxin now."
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