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Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
So, video games, television, movies, music, comic books, etc, are not part of our society, and do in no way carry a potential to be problematic? Hm. Hm Hm.
They're a part of it, however they are little more than entertainment and influences, which even the most primitive rational minds realize (not that I'm calling *you* primitive mind you, just saying). These should not be a primary thing for children when growing up--otherwise you will have problems.

They do indeed carry potential to be problematic (I don't think anyone here is debating that point) and yes they are a part of society or else we wouldn't all be HERE in a Star Wars site discussing this. Having said that, even as much a part of society and as influential as they are, their effects can be effectively supervised and negated regarding child development. That falls on the parents' shoulders because it does not preclude responsible decision making or parenting.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
No, the games alone are not to blame. I mean, how to blame a game anyway. However, if you ask whether violent games have an effect on children, then seriously, how could they not? Or why would you think is there a huge industry shoving learning computers and learning games/programs down our throats?
OK, think of it like anything else (alcohol, firearms, etc.): it requires external influence in the first place for it to even have an effect. You already have a grasp of that. You have a point, yes they do have an effect. While it is ever-pervasive, it does not preclude one (or ones as in a family) from making decisions. So while it is everywhere in our society, there is a choice to turn away.

Frankly I think the gaming industry is running out of creative ideas like the TV industry did some time back. Games are beginning to take a turn towards major suckage and it'll be in a lull for a time. Why do you think there are so many re-hashes, reviews, and complaints that new games suck lately? I'd think they can't be alluring and all encompassing forever. I would actually be interested in what merited studies have to say about this.

And say, what is this environment? *brevity*
It is but the environment have varying degrees relative to source of influence. People eventually realize "hey, these games might be fun but I'm not really going anywhere in my life" and decide to get up and get out.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Yes, but there is a system and there has always been a system in place to keep unwanted materials out of childrenís hands and control the amount unwanted material a child is exposed to. It is called parenting and has nothing to do with the government control.
Thirded to this notion.

It is just easier for the parents to use these mediums as a means of surrogate babysitter. This is just hideous to comprehend.
I've seen families with parents who just don't care and leave it all to the babysitters and nannies. Dysfunctional. I shudder to think what will happen if/when the family starts leaving it to the VG systems.

Parents need to be the oneís that monitor what their child is involved in. They need to understand their childís like and dislikes, they need to understand his/her fears and dreams. Parents just need to play the larger role in their own childís development and not depend on media outlets including game developers to protect their child. After all, since we are all different, we should not depend on a stranger to know if something is appropriate for little Johnny, his parents should know him well enough to make that decision.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
And given the kinds of messages kids are bombarded with these days, parents' jobs are that much harder, but perhaps more important.
Yes. I think what should be dealt with is actually the bombardment issue. Since direct intervention seems to be interpreted as an attack on free market, it think it'll have to be dealt with by other means.

Speculation: We're coming up on a down trend of VG productions. During this period we may perhaps be seeing a certain number of our society become resistant to the influence and effects of video games, and an outright rejection to the VG culture in some cases. (I only wish I had data to support this!) Thoughts?

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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