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"Before we do," she said, "I'd like you to tell the trio of triumphant terrors to go after a Jedi by the name of Tonatius. He is the one for whom Kalla Kaltas has betrayed me. She no longer loves me, no, but it is not only because I am possessed by Lord Virul. She also has feelings for that one. Tell Terror that he may devour Tonatius twice if he wishes, so long as he, Mech or Ulim brings me proper proof of the deed." Andirrul smiled. "The duel is off."


Pahro Utonula's heart had always been full of contempt, for the world around her and every single sentient being in it. However, this time her feelings for the Dark Lady were beginning to resemble something like love--or, more accurately, lust. She knew what Andirrul was from the start, when she had very first been hired as a Sith "diplomat". She would use this information in order to trap her, but first...First she had to prove herself, once and for all.

That was why her goal was to capture the Jedi Kalla Kaltas and bring her straight to Andirrul so her Mistress could properly break her. With her shorn head and lean build, she looked just like any other male commando, and with voice modulation implants, she could talk just like one as well. She was no longer P, the celebrity, but Private Orkutt, the soldier-for-hire. She'd offer her services to the Jedi, pretending to help them fight the Sith, when in all actuality--Yes. It had to work. She would kidnap that green-skinned brat.

Then, after Kalla was exposed for the weakling she was, Pahro would reveal herself to Andirrul and claim the Dark Lady for her own. She would succeed.
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