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Shevlan entered the dark room with the giant screen. Lord Grier sitting in his chair overlooking the planet and watching the events unfold. The fight between the powerhungry mage and the young Division Nine's cadet. He grinned at the whole scene infront of him.

"Look at this Shevlan, who would've thought this guy would provide us with the perfect opportunity to test drive our experiments, this way no one will know it was us who planned the strike. Did you tell Alyssa and Kreik to move when the Captains enter the battlefield?", Lord Grier asked.

"Indeed, the compatibility of the test subject was a 100%. The Pandora project is a guaranteed success", Shevlan said.

"Of course, move in as soon as Alyssa and Kreik come into contact with them", Lord Grier said.

"As you wish my lord", Shevlan said.


Commander Carrington had a feeling. The enemy knows we're here, just as expected, she thought to herself.

"Initiate mission", Commander Carrington gave the order. All stations reported good to go. The ship holding Star and Lightning Squad sped out of the hangar bay towards the planet's surface.

Illya and Shana jumped out first. They headed towards the town. They could feel a very powerful magical force in the town as well as Kai's signature energy. They moved full speed towards him, they just hoped that Kai was ok.

Juno looked over at Wolf and Akira.

"This is it, we will engage all ground forces and head towards the temple on the northeast. They have the artifacts there. We will extract them and deliver them. Pick your targets and stay together, be mindful of your surroundings Akira", Juno said as she jumped out.

The ground was full of enemy forces, combat drones and robots. Juno had no problem bringing them down. It would be a short trip towards the temple.

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