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Hizuni...gone. gone. gone. gone. Not here anymore. Gone for good. Failed her. Failed her. Failed her. Failed her again.

A smirking face. Hatred. Recoil. Anger. Murderer.

Smirking man...Killed Hizuni. Took away our family again. So long...So long we have waited to fight avenge. Will not die. WILL NOT DIE!

Kai's body slowly rose to it's feet and stood straight up as the pendant on his wrist flashed silently.

Not enough magic. Not enough power. Berserker. Not enough power. Not enough. Need more then Berserker. Need something even stronger. Something free of restraint.

Something darker.

Kai screamed in anger as his body changed into his Berserker form and then...contined to change. His pendant slowly and painfully merged with his arm and a fresh surge of power surged through him.

Kill him...Kill him. Kill him...Kill him...Kill him...Kill him

His teeth began to sharpen in his mouth and his hair shot down past his waist as his eyes turned a solid black. They were devoid of reason...of compassion...of human intelligence.

His muscles expanded to nearly seven times their normal mass as he continued to change.

The mage slowly looked behind him and stared in shock as a dark wave of magical energy surrounded him. This's off the scale. He absorbed the pendant and is leeching even more energy from it. His magical reserves have increased by nearly ten percent.

The wave of magic slowly retreated and the now completley transformed Kai stepped forward with an animalistic growl. His eyes blazed with hatred as he stared at the mage.

Killllll him. Killlll him. Killl him.

The mage's pendant pulsed. "Vortex cannon." "Vortex cannon ready." "Fire!"

The red blast of energy hit Kai who was blasted back into a building. He sat there for a moment before slowly standing up and grinning a feral grin that sent shivers down the spine of the mage.

"Kill you."
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