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I should go.
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"This is it, we will engage all ground forces and head towards the temple on the northeast. They have the artifacts there. We will extract them and deliver them. Pick your targets and stay together, be mindful of your surroundings Akira."

Akira saluted Juno just as she jumped out.

"We won't let you down, ma'am."

He then check his weapon and staff, jumping out into the battle itself. He took cover behind a thick nearby rock, enemy fire pecking the rock and ground all around him.

He activated his staff, transforming his regular uniform into black-body armor. Akira took out a hand-grenade and tossed it at the attacking droids. It took care of the job quickly, and he jumped over the rock.

The rocky terrain was difficult to traverse in some areas, but it wouldn't prevent easy advance to their position.

He looked back at Wolf.

"COME ON! Let's get moving!"

you very much
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