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Terror left the Phantasm the sane way he entered; stealthily and without having eaten something. Tyrannus had gotten lucky. Had Terror just been a little bit faster or a little bit stronger he would have earned their payment then. Instead he had attacked too early and had been stunned. Not even injured, just momentarily stunned before his attack was put to an end by the dark being that had him suspended in the air. The only thing that had actually come out of their encounter was receiving their payment despite being called off of Tyrannus and Terror’s pride being seriously bruised. Also Mech would NOT be happy that Terror couldn’t wait, though the fact that they were still getting payment might smooth him out.

He climbed up a building and, upon reaching the rooftop, was greeted Mech.

“What did you learn?” Mech asked, noticing that terror was not covered in blood.

“Contract. Over. Female. Cancelled. Tried. Eating. Target. Failed. Female. Pay. Still. Might. Contract. Light. Food.” Terror said slowly, his natural biology making galactic basic a difficult language for him to reproduce the language yet the shame apparent in his voice. He produced the belt and lightsaber sheath that Andirrul had given him. “This. To. Mando. Give. Us. Ultra. Chrome.”

“I told you just to spy. We take down our targets when the time is right, not whenever we feel like it.” Mech stated bluntly, a hint of annoyance.

“Food. Smell. Too. Strong. Female. Said. Eat.” Terror replied with a lowered head. “Sorry.”

“Regardless, we have our source of Ultrachrome.” Ulim pointed. “Though an employer so quick to change their mind on targets might not be the best one to consider consistently.”

“What? The fact that she’s a few cards short of full deck didn’t tip you off? As long as we take out whomever she wants us to and get our armor made, then it’ll turn out fine.” Mech responded. “She knows our ComID; when she knows what our next target, she’ll call us. Until then let’s head back to the warehouse. I don’t want to get slowed down by any punks who think they’re special just because they’re in a gang.”
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