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I find it interesting when some people here hyperventilate about how they have some right to be "protected" from the word "God" on public buildings, money, etc.. Even if they place a reference to "God" on a public building, you've consistently failed to demonstrate any harm beyond being honked off by the fact that not everyone believes atheism to be right. There are no laws in this country that disqualify an atheist from running for public office or receiving any of the benefits that their fellow theists do, nevermind forcing you at pain of death or imprisonment to renounce your atheism. Drop this canard of "second class citizenship" b/c it only sounds like the incessant whining it is. Show me where the laws say that you as an atheist (and yeah, atheism HAS to be the disqualifying factor as that's what the discussion is about)are banned from activities the rest of your fellow Americans enjoy and I'd be willing to consider a legitimate injustice as needing possible redress. Until then, you'll have to settle for your side's relentless propagandizing of the masses to become as atheistic as you are.

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