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I don't think the problem lies in the level of exposure. I think they've had enough to get the game into the spotlight. I think the problem lies in the type of stuff they have shown, as I have said before.

Console shooter-RPGs like AP and ME tread a dangerous path. You can see they want to appeal to the mass-market shooter crowd, so they downplay the RPG elements and focus on the combat. That's a big mistake, as the shooter mechanics will likely be pretty poor compared to a straight FPS/3rdPS (as was the case with ME1) and visually it's nothing that hasn't been seen a gazillion times before. I think a lot of console shooter kiddies got burned with ME - they hated the combat and had to put up with constant breaks in the mindless combat for conversations (which they skipped through of course). No doubt they will be more cautious with AP.

ME scored a lot of coverage because the press got all excited by the conversation wheel (for some reason). Regardless of whether or not Obsidian came up with a similar idea independently, their system is going to be seen as a ripoff of ME, so that isn't going to win them much publicity (not of the positive kind anyway).

One of the things that could be a big winner for AP is all the supposed Bond-esque gadgetry, but we haven't really seen anything of this (other than some vague references and a few quick inventory pics). Again, they've chosen to play up the bland elements of the game that everyone has seen a bunch of times before.

Much like EA choosing to pair Dragon Age with a Marilyn Manson song, Sega's PR work for AP boggles the mind....
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