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Yes, itís been a while since I did an update, but I havenít forgotten so here comes another one.

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YouTube Video

Interesting observation:

is it tradition to have you hand cut off in the Star Wars saga?
Learn about modding:

How.. How did you have Kreia wield a lightsaber?
Captain Obvious makes a return:

in kotor 2, it's all about betrayal.
Someone is having a hard time comprehending:

Oh come on. If in the final battle when you fight Kreia as darth traya, she is better than that
So letís not hide the fact that Kreia is a secret Sith. Letís just have her wear her Sith outfit that she wears on Malachor V while weíre at it:

Kreia's a Sith. Wouldn't she have a red saber?

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Someone makes a connection about what gender I choose who Revan was in this video:

Lemi quess Revan was a guy
Gibberish is not a true language:

1 l13k t0 5h00tz0rz p30p3lz!!!!!!!!!!1
The graphic display of Bastila in a hologram makes people think of:

Got Milk Bastila?

Why does she look like she has a milk-mustache?

got milk?

hahhahah another mustache!

it looks like she should be on a got milk comercial

She looks like she has a milk mustache
A worried Revan fanboy:

So if T3's back then does it mean Revan didn't make it?
Here is to the confused:

how do you get t3 to play that in the game?????

where do u find this

i never even got these cutscenes.

is this in the game????

how do you unlock this.

can u only get this on the xbox version? cause i play on the pc i can't ever get this message unlocked from t3.

how do you get this message ?? is it through repair or computer? and how much influence do you need?

is this only on the pc version
You try to lead someone on how to get this scene:

The paragraph does not help me
Comprehension skills FTW. Itís probably a safe bet that this guy rushed through his conversation with Atton determining Revanís gender:

Lol i have 16 Intellegance but the only thing I get is a Dark side bastila message
Believe it or not, if someone was crazy enough to try to sell mods, some people would try to buy them:

Oh do mods cost money
If you think about it, you will never get a chance to talk to T3-M4 after your duel with Darth Nihilus:

Cool, and mysterious. Did/can u find this b4 or after the fite with Nihilus?
I never realize that Revan was a piece of property:

i yhink you should buy revan as you bought hk-47 or at least reasemble him
This was a good one:

So that's why I never found this hologram - 'cause I always make my character Jedi Guardian and being that doesn't need much intelligence - so technically my character is stupid LOL
Someone is opposed to the idea of making a KOTOR III:

There better not be a KOTOR 3
Someone doesnít understand the story:

Haha, why would Rev ditch bastila?
And someone doesnít know who that is:

it's that bastila????
False rumors FTW:

it has been revealed that revan is frozen in carbonite

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YouTube Video

Why do people think that whatever path you choose for the Exile will determine the path Revan was:

I haven't seen this scenario yet. Wow, thank's for posting this one up. To set Revan on the darkside, and Bastila with him, what must you do? Does the Exile have to be dark sided?
Itís official. The dark side is cute:

Bastila is kind'a cute on the dark side. She has an evil authority tone in her voice but she cares about Revan. To me that's cute.
Or maybe odd:

The voice actor sounds a bit high pitched there. Kinda odd.
Or bitchy:

wow she sounds like a little bitch
Bastila pledged to be Revanís lover (if you do the romance plot) in K1 if Revan joined the dark side with her, so what is the problem now:

that's kind of odd; this is the darkside version. why does she say revan wants to protect her??
Somebody is lost:

what was that about?
Some people give me way too much credit:

hey your that guy who makes all the mods arent you?
Read the summary:

Hey what intellegence level do you need exacly? i need 2 know

Some people think itís what party members you choose that gets that hologram of Bastila on Korriban instead of setting Revan to the dark side:

but another this on the planet korib u will find a holocron its a mesage from bastila again!i have to tell u now to bring any of the droids cause if u do u the holocron would be destroyed in the blast so only bring ur jedi friends bring the girl from narshada or the wookie depends which 1 u got and one of the other dudes!oh yeh dont bring mandalorethe holocron would b estroyed
Another one of those wondering which game it is:

Is this for KOTOR 1 or 2?
I didnít realize that a baggy robe = a person is fat:

Why was she a little fat in that hologram

i agree shes gotten fat
The milk mustache talk is back:

looks like shes gots some milk on her lip too
Did this person comprehend that Bastila is on the dark side:

well shes got some major issues
Someone really needs to get introduced to Google:

what happens to revan? do you see him? did he die from darth nihilus? or did he die from krea? i must know!!!
If this person was correct, then how was HK-47 a party member in TSL:

and secondly [Revan] took HK-47 with him
Some people think how they played their first KOTOR game affects the second one:

how can u set the light side by puting him/her on the dark side in Kotor I?

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YouTube Video

I guess talking to T3-M4 on the Ebon Hawk didnít occur to this person:

Ah my God can you tell when this will happen in the game? Like which planet or somthing..? I'm a light-side female and my INT is 17.

Someone canít stand the fact that we can choose the gender of our player characters:

revans not a woman! look anywhere, it says he is a guy.
I love it when someone is confused which game it is:

This is SW KoTOR I? II?
Iím starting to think that the reason why the dark side Revan option is the first one when talking to Atton because if youíre impatient, you get the dark sided Revan and the dark side is the quick and easy path or the impatient path:

I ONly found Bastla dark side messege how do u find Bastela light and Carth's message

The information I give to help people can only be useless if youíre not smart enough to comprehend it:

You say as if the paragraph has all the answers the paragraph tells me what i already know your paragraph is useless
Someone missed the memo about Carthís feelings about female Revan:

Wow. Carth REALLY cares about Female Revan
I still donít know how someone can play a game 20 times and not read their dialogue choices:

How do you set Revan to be on the light side? Of 20 times I played through this game I managed to do it only once - by misstake. And I don't remember how to do it. :S Please tell me.
Again, why do people think that whatever you set the Exile will set Revan too:

does the hologram change if the exile followed the path of the dark side?
Unlocking this is so confusing:

Call me a noob, but how do u managae to get T3 to show you the messages?

how do you get this??

what intel level u need to unlock this

how high for the intelligence? please give me a number.

How do u get the holograms

so uhh, is this a mod for the PC or can i get this on my xbox version?

Huh? This is on x-box too?? I have this on x-box but I never seen this before

How high does your intelligence have to be?
Just because you canít get it doesnít mean it was cut content:

thats cut content though jedi shemL
Some people:

Woah woah woah, Revan IS a sith? Can you change that?
Oh boy:

whos he talking about?
Well, here is a long update for you all since I took a month off. Hope you all enjoyed it!

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