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"Kill you."

Kai stood in front of the mage and pointed down at the hole in his stomach and in his lower chest.


Kai slowly reached out toward the slightly shocked mage who quickly jumped back to a safe distance. "Infinite Chaos!" His pendant chimed rapidly and then shifted into the form of a cannon. "Infinite Destruction...standby...ready my lord."

The mage quickly leveled the mouth of the cannon at Kai. "Fire! Fire now!"

The cannon barrel rapidly circled as the attack charged and then flew from the cannon at a speed so fast Kai could barely see it even as it slammed into him.

Even as the blast struck him he grabbed a stone and pulled himself under the blast and ran with inhumane speed toward the mage as the blast struck a building behind him and sent a massive blast cloud into the sky.

The mage jumped back again as Kai sliced at the spot where the mage had been a second ago. The seemed to part under his slice as he jumped toward the mage again.

What the hell happend to him?! He shouldn't have been able to absorb his pendant and he managed to somehow! I can just barely keep up with his attacks! I'll need to end this quickly.

The mage's pendant chimed again. "Shadow strike!" The pendant chimed again. Shadow strike standby...ready my lord." "Fire!"

The cannon pulsed once and a wave of pure dark magic shot toward Kai who simply took the full brunt of the blast and continued running...and finally got close enough to ram his hand directly through the mage's stomach and hold him up above his head.

"My turn." He whispered.

"Not...yet." the mage winced as he unleashed an attack of pure flame directly at Kai's face. The attack burned across his face and Kai roared in pain as he slammed the mage once against a wall before he flew off his impailed fist and landed on the ground.

At least...I managed to badly burn his face...I need to think. Think of a plan. But did he get so amazingly strong?! The only time he feels pain is when he takes a hit to the face. I need assistance.

The mage pulled out a comlink and shaikly opened a communications link.

"All combat drones...are to converge on my position immediatly. Repeat...All combat drones to my position immediatly. Be has somehow transformed...all units are too use lethal firepower when fighting...He's too dangerous to try and take alive."

Groups of combat drones currently not in combat quickly turned and headed for the mage's position.

Kai was rubbing his head in pain as the flames continued to burn him. Pain...ignore it. Killlllll him. Killllll him. Kill him now.

He slowly got up and walked toward the mage with unsteady steps even as the flames from the attack continued to dance across his face. The first of the combat drones arrived and began to open fire on him.
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