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How.. How did you have Kreia wield a lightsaber?
Thats for everyone else to know and for you to try and figure out.

in kotor 2, it's all about betrayal.
You're finally figuring that out now?!

Lemi quess Revan was a guy
Learn to spell

1 l13k t0 5h00tz0rz p30p3lz!!!!!!!!!!1
How crass

So if T3's back then does it mean Revan didn't make it?
No he's there. He's just hiding so you fanboys can't find him and annoy him any more.

how do you get t3 to play that in the game?????
Did you even try to look it up?

Lol i have 16 Intellegance but the only thing I get is a Dark side bastila message
Did you pay attention to the first conversation you had with Atton? It determines quite a bit.

Oh do mods cost money

Cool, and mysterious. Did/can u find this b4 or after the fite with Nihilus?
I say it once again. Learn to spell.

i yhink you should buy revan as you bought hk-47 or at least reasemble him

So that's why I never found this hologram - 'cause I always make my character Jedi Guardian and being that doesn't need much intelligence - so technically my character is stupid LOL
No. You are the stupid one from what I can tell.

There better not be a KOTOR 3
...Never before have I heard such a foolish comment.

it has been revealed that revan is frozen in carbonite
*Smacks repeatedly across the face.*

hey your that guy who makes all the mods arent you?
Indeed he is.

but another this on the planet korib u will find a holocron its a mesage from bastila again!i have to tell u now to bring any of the droids cause if u do u the holocron would be destroyed in the blast so only bring ur jedi friends bring the girl from narshada or the wookie depends which 1 u got and one of the other dudes!oh yeh dont bring mandalorethe holocron would b estroyed
I'm sorry but what?

Is this for KOTOR 1 or 2?

Oh come on! Is is really so hard to figure out what game it is?

what happens to revan? do you see him? did he die from darth nihilus? or did he die from krea? i must know!!!
Fanboys like you killed him.

This is SW KoTOR I? II?
The stupid questions just keep coming and coming with no end in sight.

I ONly found Bastla dark side messege how do u find Bastela light and Carth's message
Theres this thing called the internet. Look up the answer on it.

You say as if the paragraph has all the answers the paragraph tells me what i already know your paragraph is useless
Nonsense you fool! The paragraph has all the answers

thats cut content though jedi shemL
Believe what you wanna believe.

whos he talking about?
I reserve this one for comments just like this one.

I loved these updates Shem.

You should do one of you playing Solomon's revenge and see how many stupid comments you get.
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