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How Will This Game Work?

I once said at Holowan Labs that I hope TOR crashes and burns because I really donít like the idea of this game being an MMO. First off, the idea of paying a monthly fee to play this game *after* purchasing it makes me face red with anger.

Now, for the time being Iím going to look beside that as Iím going to be asking you to help me to comprehend how a MMO game would work in this setting because I lack the experience. Basically Iím an MMO virgin if you must know. So naturally Iím going to not understand a few things because of the missing experience. KOTOR was the first role playing game I had ever played and the first time I played it, it showed if you had watched me play it, but I really didnít have any concerns playing it like I do now.

Here is the thing. I want this to be peaceful discussion. We must all act like mature adults. This isnít to get me exited to try this game out. This is to see if itís a game I would enjoy.

To be fair, I have been reading up on the game over the weekend, especially on the official site at LucasArts to see if they could answer some of my questions and it really hasnít to the degree I would have liked it to as when it did answer a question, it raised another question I wanted an answer to on top of it and couldnít get it. So this is my last resort to help me make a fair judgment. Some queries could sound very, very, very newbish, but anywayÖ

Letís say I get the game, install it on my computer and open it up. Do you like try to join a team to get started? Well, from what I read at LucasArts, there was a FAQ and the answer to that was you could finish most of the game without companion help, but you will need it at some points. What I want cleared up is if it meant party members or actually people online playing too.

There was something brought up in the video that if you make a choice, you canít go back and do another one to see how it would have played out differently. So that alone raises other questions. How live is this? Meaning it would sound like I canít play the game at my own pace. What if I had to go to the bathroom and take a crap? Does that mean I have to hold it until the end of the game? What if I need to stop? Can I? If I can stop the game at any point with a save, then that would mean I could reload and start from the save point, but if I canít repeat anything, what if I die? Do I have to start a new game? So much for a personal saga when youíre 10 hours in and everything is going great and then an enemy kills you and since you canít repeat, you have to start over. Am I the only one who wonders this? Do I sound crazy or something?

I was told companions could betray you. If they do, and you die, do you start over? What if I get to the main boss, the Sith Emperor and die? I donít get another chance to beat him until I play through the game again? What if that took me 30 hours to do? That would suck and all this when it was said in a video I canít go back and try a different outcome.

Granted if I need another live player to work with, it would be with some people I know from Holowan, but here is the deal. We would have to play it at a time when weíre all available. If one leaves, do you stop there and lose progress and have to start over? Is the lack of experience starting to show yet?

Itís sounding to me that my personal saga online could end tragically several times before succeeding.

So if people are playing at once online, could someone kill the Sith Emperor and we all have to start over or something if many people are playing it live at once? I could be in the middle of hyperspace travel and all of a sudden a notice comes up and says the game is over with either some dark side person becoming the new emperor or the Republic has been restored.

How many people will name their character Revan that I run into? Maybe one of them would be called Revan4376 or something. As you can see Iím really having hard time understanding how this all mixes in to a point where it would be worth even trying.

For now I think this is enough to swallow for you all. Hopefully if you laugh at anything I have said, it wouldnít be at me, but how I worded it. Itís time to educate me so I can graduate from my newb status on MMOís. Hopefully people can understand where my concerns come from and point me in the right direction.

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