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I don't think you'll have to worry about most of the things you've posted. From my MMO experience I think I can answer most of your questions.

Letís say I get the game, install it on my computer and open it up. Do you like try to join a team to get started? Well, from what I read at LucasArts, there was a FAQ and the answer to that was you could finish most of the game without companion help, but you will need it at some points. What I want cleared up is if it meant party members or actually people online playing too.
I think you will be able to play alot of the game on your own. You start by creating your character I assume, and by entering the world with your character you connect to the server on which other people are playing. You can meet these people, talk to them, team up with them, but it isn't required for most of the game. Some missions or tasks will be hard or impossible to complete on your own though, so you will have to find help with your friends or strangers. About the companion help, this is a gameplay mechanic in SWTOR, it basically allows you to have one NPC 'party member', like the party members in the KOTOR games. You can likely choose one out of numerous options and be able to have them assisting you all the time, even when you're teaming up with other players.

There was something brought up in the video that if you make a choice, you canít go back and do another one to see how it would have played out differently. So that alone raises other questions. How live is this? Meaning it would sound like I canít play the game at my own pace. What if I had to go to the bathroom and take a crap? Does that mean I have to hold it until the end of the game? What if I need to stop? Can I? If I can stop the game at any point with a save, then that would mean I could reload and start from the save point, but if I canít repeat anything, what if I die? Do I have to start a new game? So much for a personal saga when youíre 10 hours in and everything is going great and then an enemy kills you and since you canít repeat, you have to start over. Am I the only one who wonders this? Do I sound crazy or something?
This basically means that if you make a choice in the game (let's say by dialogue to an NPC), you can't 'reload' to a save game before making that choice so you can choose another option which you would have preferred or to see how things would turn out with the other option. The only way of seeing how the other option would turn out is by creating another character. Of course you will be able to go to the bathroom while you're playing, most likely you will be able to decide yourself as to when you will engage the next group of enemies, so that you can go and take a crap in between if you want. The server saves your activities, statistics etc., so if you decide to log out for this, and you log back in, your character will be the same as when you last played it. Think of it as an autosave function which you can't turn off, and during logout/inactivity things in the world may change due to other players' influence, because the world/server is not dependent on your activity, and neither are other players.
If your character dies I assume it won't be game over, but rather there would be a death system in place. This is different with each MMO, some allow you to be 'reborn' at the latest checkpoint/graveyard/town/outpost, so that you are free to go back and try your last mission again. Sometimes this will have a penalty on your character, most of them aren't permanent (Think experience reduction, temporary stat or skills reduction, or a penalty to your gear durability).

I was told companions could betray you. If they do, and you die, do you start over? What if I get to the main boss, the Sith Emperor and die? I donít get another chance to beat him until I play through the game again? What if that took me 30 hours to do? That would suck and all this when it was said in a video I canít go back and try a different outcome.
Companions might betray you if you make choices that they don't agree with or don't approve. Again, if you die, it almost certainly won't be permanent. On a sidenote, I assume that it will take alot more than 30 hours to get to the last boss.

Granted if I need another live player to work with, it would be with some people I know from Holowan, but here is the deal. We would have to play it at a time when weíre all available. If one leaves, do you stop there and lose progress and have to start over? Is the lack of experience starting to show yet?
I'm almost certain you will be able to choose who you work with or group up with. Yes you would have to play at a time when you're all available, but if one would leave I think you will be able to invite a replacement for him/her, or continue without him/her.

I hope this cleared up some things for you about how MMO's work, if you still want some more info I'd recommend trying out an MMO for yourself, most of them have one or two weeks of free trial, in which you can play without paying, so that you can see how things work and to decide if you like the genre or not.
PS: Sorry for the lengthy post
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