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@EW--actually, no. What Federal laws prevent atheists from running for higher office b/c they are atheists? Don't conflate some people's unwillingness to elect an atheist with the same thing. However, if you read carefully, you'll notice I said
Show me where the laws say that you as an atheist (and yeah, atheism HAS to be the disqualifying factor as that's what the discussion is about)are banned from activities the rest of your fellow Americans enjoy and I'd be willing to consider a legitimate injustice as needing possible redress.
So, I stepped in nothing. I've said if they exist I'd be willing to consider an injustice being done.

*it should be noted if you want to say that some states bar atheists from holding office, I agree that's unfair and that's what outfits like the ACLU live for. As for private organizations (Boy Scouts, Free Masons, etc...), they have the right to choose who they want and don't want in their organizations. My advice woulod be to try to convince them to have a change of heart if that's what you're shooting for. However, the govt shouldn't have the right to force private groups to accept theists or atheists in their ranks otherwise (same goes fro gender, etc..).

I'm still curious about what harm is being done atheists beyond having to see the word God written somewhere. How does having that on a visitor center actually harm atheists in a tangible way? Beyond seeing your subjective piece of mind irritated.....

@kipper--freedom of religion does not eual freedom from religion except in the sense that the all powerful state isn't forcing you to profess a specific faith.

And finally, concerning 'theist propaganda': is the presence of the word 'God' really theist propaganda? Or is it just a word on a wall?

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