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Juno noticed how all combat drones seemed to be leaving towards the town.

"This is our chance, there are three artifacts in there. Secure one each of you and I'll secure the last. Be careful for the sentry drones inside who will surely be guarding them, they're larger oponents with heavy physical and anti magic fields", Juno said as she went inside the temple. There were indeed 5 sentry drones.

Juno lept forward. "Scythe form"

Juno began to slice through the sentry drones with her attacks. But each drone was powerful so they went down with a few hits.


Shana and Illya arrived at the outskirts of town and saw a young girl lying on the ground. Illya raced towards her and looked at her wounds. She wasn't hurt badly, Illya made a healing bubble spell so she would be recovering slowly from the wound as long as she stayed inside.

"That must be Hizuni, Kai's imouto", Shana said and Illya nodded in acknowledgement. Suddenly two figures appeared on the ground before them. One was a woman in a red leather suit carrying a Great sword and the other was a man in a brown cloak and a black vest carrying a rapier sword.

"Finally we meet", the man in the brown cloak said. "I am Kreik, the fencer".

"And I am Alyssa, the destroyer", the woman said.

"What do you want? Are you with the mage?", Shana asked readying her staff.

"We are here to dispose of you", Kreik said at Illya and then looked over at Shana. "But you, we want you to come with us. Please don't put up a fight."

Shana looked at them both a bit puzzled.

"What do you want with me?", Shana asked.

"Those questions will be answered in good time", Kreik said.

Alyssa then readied her sword and went over to Illya who still had Hizuni in her arms.

"You are not needed, good bye", Alyssa said as she swinged her great sword to Illya but it only met Shana's round shield.

"Destiny Cannon!", Shana said and her staff fired the beam of energy sending Alyssa flying backwards and onto the ground.

"Just as we expected, you're pretty strong", Kreik said and readied his rapier. "But are your eyes fast enough to see this...".

In a flash Kreik seemed to teleport and with the hilt of his sword he hit Shana on the back of her head as she tried to turn around effectively knocking her out. Illya put Hizuni on the ground and charged at Kreik who put Shana's small body on his shoulder and blocked Illya's incoming strike.

Alyssa then got up and raced to attack Illya who had to get out of the way and jumped back to avoid her attack.

"Get out of here Kreik", Alyssa said.

"I'll be counting on you Alyssa", Kreik said as he flew away with Shana on his shoulder.

Illya activated her flying magic and raced after him only to be stopped again by Alyssa.

"Get out of the way! Holy Light Buster!", Illya said as she fired a giant beam of light towards Alyssa but blocked it with her shield. She then turned to Illya.

"Sword Pierce!", Alyssa said and launched herself towards Illya who defended with her bubble shield.

"Buster form", Illya's device said. "Holy Light Buster!". This time she fired a much bigger and even more powerful form of her attack, Alyssa's shield did not withstand the energy and broke. She was sent flying towards a rock and took the blow fully.

Kreik and Shana had disappeared. Illya looked over to Alyssa who was lying on the rock coughing up blood. Her arms and legs were broken.

"Where did he take her?", Illya asked her, her expression cold unlike she always was.

"To... fulfill... her... true... destiny... pandora... will... rise", Alyssa said and drew her last breath.

Illya fell to her knees. She had failed to rescue her little sister. No. She would not fail. She would get her back no matter what. As Kai fought for Hizuni, Illya would fight for Shana. No one would get in her way. Illya went back to Hizuni calling forward Asuza so she would take care of her.

A few minutes later the transport arrived and Asuza began tending to Hizuni's wounds. They waited for her to come back to her senses and Illya gave her a smile, it was a bit forced as she was containing the anger she felt towards herself for letting those people take her sister away.

"Kai has lost control Hizuni. He must think you are dead. Is there a way to bring him back to himself, otherwise the amount of magic he is using right now will break his body, the tension he's building up will kill him", Illya said. She knew this much as the same thing happened to her at some point and it happend to Shana as well not too long ago.

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