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Above...someone is above. Power is above

Kai looked up from the combat drones he had just destroyed to see a dark figure fly by above with another more familiar figure slung across his/her shoulder.

Familiar. Very familiar. Wait...We know this one...Shana?

Kai looked down at the mage who was currently attempting to stand and he pointed at the figure who was slowly getting out of range.

Taking Shana away...Can't allow it. Lost Hizuni. Won't lose Shana. Kill him. KILL HIM NOW!

Kai pointed up at the figure who was now nearly out of sight.

"Make go up. Get me up and you will survive. Chase him. Kill him." Kai grunted angerly

The terrified Mage nodded and grabbed Kai, activated his flight magic and began to fly toward the figure who was carrying away Shana.

Get there soon...Teach them pain.


"Kai has lost control Hizuni. He must think you are dead. Is there a way to bring him back to himself, otherwise the amount of magic he is using right now will break his body, the tension he's building up will kill him."

Hizuni shook her head in fright. "I-I've never seen him like that. I don't think theres anyway to calm him down. The only way I can see him stopping is if he burns himself out."

She pointed at the rapidly retreating dark figure of the mage with Kai hanging from his back. "He's on the move again. I think he's using the mage's ability to fly to go after someone...or something."

She turned to Terranova. "You need to save him. I don't want him to die." she begged.

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