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Free Radical went down... And the site says that Free Radical stopped the work. LucasArts being the ass that they are will hand it to Pandemic and let them destroy it. I'll still most likely buy it or rent it.

By the way, Star Wars: The Old Republic is top-notch game. I've seen the trailers and I have lokked at the engine it is running. Star Wars Galaxies actually has a rising community at the moment. They are putting their time into these high quality games. Anyways, LucasArts isn't putting any time into these. I suspect that people have heard of BioWare(The company who made Kotor), they are making Star Wars: The Old Republic. So basically this is Kotor 3 online. Star Wars Galaxies is celebrating Six Years at the moment and it is run by Sony Online. LA has nothing to do with them, they can't mess the best devs.

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