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Kurt was slightly impressed with himself when he noticed she still did not get up. Kurt ran a few tests and took a sample of her blood. He realized he had made a slight mistake. It wasn't poison making her sick like he thought it was, it was radiation.

"A slight miscalc on my part sir. I was so focused on saving her I didn't run a proper test. The bacta will still help, but its not poisoned. Her body was introduced to radiation from a source. I'll give her a shot of anti-rad which should lower the radiation levels in her body."

Kurt gave her the third and hopefully final shot for the day.

"Now that I've got a fully completed chart on her, it'll be much easier for a doctor to treat her."


Wrath bowed to Andirrul, "As you wish my mistress."

Wrath exited her meditating chambers and went back to his own. He looked around for a comlink and called up the three mercs.

"Greetings assassins, I am Wrath. I will be giving you your next assignment. You are to find and kill a jedi named Tonatius. He is the cousin of Andirrul and follows Komad Kaltas around. They all tend to stay in a group and will defend each other to the end. If you do kill Tonatius, Terror is free to eat him but Andirrul wishes for proof that he his dead. Your reward will be more Ultra-Chrome as well as a little extra. Ulim and Mech, we three share certain things in common. Mech as a Gen'Dai my species live for thousands of years much like the Krogan. Ulim as a Sangheli I know you come from a proud warrior race. I will see to it the Sangheli and Krogan are honored and respected as they should be. I will also attempt to locate any Sangheli or Krogan that are still out there and with any luck your races will be able to grow again."
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