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Kreik could notice Kai was coming after him.

"Foolish boy, the power you hold doesn't come near to that of Project K. I will teach you a lesson for your insolence", Kreik said as he pointed his rapier towards Kai and the mage.

"Burn with the flames of hell!", he said as a dark orb of power which gave off an aura of coldness and death. "Infinitum Inferno!".

A giant wave of dark flames raced through the sky directly towards Kai and the mage. The flame scorched everything in it's path. Shana was still unconcious on his shoulder. Kreik's power came from something else. It wasn't like the Vekta cartridge system, it was something else, something that boosted his magical power without the need of anything like an artifact. That was the power Lord Grier had given him and to build his ultimate power he needed project Pandora. And it seemed, Shana was the final piece of that puzzle.

"None can rival my speed. Witness my teleport ability!", Kreik said as he disappeared out of sight from between the flames.

A copy of Alyssa greeted Kreik on the ship he teleported to.

"It seems that faulted copy did her job well", Alyssa said.

"Indeed, let's go. Project P is underway", Kreik said as the ship raised deeper into hyperspace and disappeared from the multiverse.


"Did you track that ship?", Commander Carrington asked.

"It's signature is pretty unique ma'am. We couldn't follow it", a mission control aidee said.

"I'm going down there. Kai needs to be stopped. I will have to do it. I won't let Illya risk herself again", Commander Carrington said. "Release limiter for S rank for me".

"Limiter released".

Commander Carrington teleported to the surface.

"Kai, come back to your senses. They have taken Shana but Hizuni is fine. We will find the people who took Shana. That's a promise", Commander Carrington said. It had been a while since anyone had seen her in her armor and with her staff in hand. She was probably one of the most powerful mages along with Illya and Juno, taking their powers far beyond the excepcional ranking mages. Carrington was a double S rank mage as was Illya. She was facing Kai in the event he still didn't recognize friend from foe, in which case she would be ready for him.

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