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"None can rival my speed. Witness my teleport ability!"

Kai tried to grab at him but he teleported out incredibly fast, before he could even bring his arm around to sever the man's head he was gone. He screamed in rage in pain as the attack nailed him straight in his already badly wounded chest and sent him sailing toward the ground. He threw the mage up in the air as he hit the ground with a thud. The mage landed a few feet away

"Kai, come back to your senses. They have taken Shana but Hizuni is fine."

Fine...Hizuni is fine? Alive. Shana...Shana gone. Kill them.

"We will find the people who took Shana. That's a promise."

He slowly got back up to his feet and stared straight up at the sky. "Kill him. Kill him now. Rip him apart. Take his heart and eat it."

He shambled off toward the mage even as he felt sharp pains begin to go through his body.

He stood above the frightend man and pointed at the pendant which was still fused with his arm. "Fix it. Make way it was. Now."

The terrified mage nodded again and his pendant began to chime. "Curse removal..." Curse removal ready my lord." the pendant answered back.

The mage directed the flow of energy at the pendant which turned from it's cursed color back to the regular silver and black color under his skin.

He walked off toward the transport even as the magic in his system began to fade and his muscle mass began to shrink again and his intelligence began to return to his mind.

Shana...they took Shana...they took Shana away. I'll kill them. I'll rip them apart with this wondeful new form. I don't care if I die anymore. All that matters is either getting Shana back.

Or die trying.

He winced as the hole in his stomach began to bleed again as he walked past Hizuni and simply sat in the transport seat.

Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill then.
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