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Originally Posted by Doomie View Post
A blank wall cannot express an idea, but a wall with writing on it can, so your example and mine aren't really equal. The word 'God' in the right context could actually be part of propaganda, so it's not necissarily just 'a word on the wall'. I would say that the words 'in God we trust' on the wall of a government building is a quite different context than just a wall with the word 'God' on it, but a blank wall is a blank wall wether it is part of a government building or not.

Perhaps, but given that context is everything, more words would be required to add context (whether added in your own mind or along it on the wall). W/o context, it's essentially scribbling. Also, the reason for a word not being on a wall gives context as well. The absence of the word could mean several things as well. They didn't have the money to etch it, or perhaps even the desire (for cultural or other reasons) or were forbidden from doing so to appease another group.

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