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Asuza moved towards Kai and initiated her healing magic. Slowly but surely, Kai's wound began to close. Asuza injected Kai with anesthetics so that he would feel less pain. Illya was with Hizuni. Her eyes bearing a sadness and a rage she could not contain. She didn't care if she had to go full drive and destroy the universe to get her back, it was at that moment that she finally understood why Kai felt the way he did.

"I will find Shana and get her back. I will destroy anyone that gets in my way", Illya said. "She's my sister, the only family I have left and no one will take her from me".

Commander Carrington sent a sympathetic look over to Illya, after all she was her friend. Terra then looked over to the monitor contacting Juno.

"What's the status of the Artifacts?", Terra asked.

"I've got one but Akira and Wolf went deeper into the temple. We split up to get them. I'm sure they'll be able to conclude this in just a few more minutes. How's things on the front?", Juno asked.

"Shana has been kidnapped. We are investigating at the moment", Terra said and Juno turned over to look at Illya through the monitors, she could tell the tears Illya had were of rage. She wanted to finish up as soon as possible and head out.


Kriek entered the room. Lord Grier stood before a tank of water where the naked body of Shana was placed. On her chest a small artifact was shinning and giving off energy.

"How's the syncronization?", Kriek asked.

"It will be finished in a couple of hours", Lord Grier said. Shevlan entered the room followed by Alyssa.

"Once project Pandora is a success we'll be able to use the data to bring forth the Alphabet Projects, we'll be one step closer to project Z", Shevlan said.

"Indeed. Once project Z is underway, the ancients will rise once more and take control of this decaying multiverse and restore balance", Lord Grier said.

"With Pandora beside Z, we'll be able to govern the entire Federation", Alyssa said.

"Once Pandora is ready, we'll begin stage two", Lord Grier said as he left the room.

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