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"I will find Shana and get her back. I will destroy anyone that gets in my way She's my sister, the only family I have left and no one will take her from me".

Even as Kai's brain filtered out every other word, that particular sentence managed to punch it's way through his rage filled mind.

He slowly turned and locked eyes with Captain Terranova and nodded his approval of her choice of words with blank expressionless eyes.

"Kill them. Kill them all. Rip them apart."

His eyes slowly locked onto the mage who was currently trying to close the wound in his chest.

"He knows something. He knew something when he flew toward them. He was familiar with the targets. He showed apprehension when flying toward them. His face bore suprise and shock when he flew toward them. He knows something about Shana."

Kai's eyes narrowed as the mage stared back at him with terror filled eyes.

"I...know something about that particular organization I'll admit. There's not that much too know about them. They are highly secretive. And as you saw they're members are highly trained in the magical arts. I fought one of them once...many years ago and I barely survived the encounter."

The mage shakily stood up. "I can provide you with information...I'll help you in any way I can...just keep him away from me!"

The mage pointed at Kai with a shaking finger and Kai's eyes flashed solid black once. "That boy is a demon in disguise...the look in his eyes earlier..."
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