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^^^Nice change, aqua teens kicks ass.

Originally Posted by Ma ping View Post
@GTA: I thought it was implied after you go to Onderon, as I seem to remember somebody saying that the True Sith were going to use Onderon as a staging point, so I guess that caused me to think that the Sith invasion was about to happen. I've also thought that the True Sith were the ones who damaged the Ebon Hawk at the start of the game, but now I'm sure that's wrong.
Well, soon as my computer is freed up from transport copying masses of music files by the GB from one portable HD to another for my DJ gig, I'll do a playthrough and check all the text at that point, but I think it is referring to Nihilus and his crew--he had a habit of remaining in the shadows yet lurking ominously.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Quite frankly, I don't take anything that happens '300 years later' will be canon. I think that TOR is going to run into the ground and the third KOTOR will eventually be released. When it does, it will overtake all the events of TOR and become new canon.

I am not going to trash TOR for existing, so long as it doesn't infringe upon the story of KOTOR, which still has yet to be completed.
I hope it won't, either. However I do have a feeling some of the more ambiguous TSL story parts will either be trampled, neglected (as in not done proper justice/lackluster resolution), or simply forgotten as some stuff was for K1. (Thanks LA! ) They'll probably pass it off as Kreia being loony and "don't take what she says at face value". (Credit to Tommycat for the quote! )

So far as what's connonized: I guess I could actually back that position. This story of TOR isn't really going to be as memorable from a "looking back" standpoint.

To citizens of the galaxy, to the historical significance, etc. and also a storyline perspective with respect to the overall timeline this was just another war and perhaps all stemming back from Revan and to a lesser degree, The Exile. It is more just a major free-for-all bedlam rather than based on the pivotal actions of an individual. The time for that is over.

Sure it will have its mark--don't think for a minute that it won't. By the time 1,000 BBY rolls around, the entire galaxy is a damn wreck and the war is all consuming. Long past its peak it's dragging on. The galaxy has grown tired on all sides. The only ones enthusiastic about it are those fighting it on the front lines.

While Path of Destruction and Rule of Two were made before significant considerations really got underway for TOR's storyline, if you really think about it you can't attatch much significance on the individual, can you?

Now that I think about it, given Bao Dur's gift for machines and technical stuff, would it be too much of a stretch to speculate that he made some kind of Tech academy, or maybe an engineer scholar division of the Jedi Order? After all we do see where T-3 ends up. Agree or disagree?

HK-47, well we know what happened to him eventually. If you look in the KOTOR comics, there is HK-24 models running around here and there, so there must be several HK models even if unrelated to Revan's HK-47. Doubtless, though, HK-47 and his clones of 50's and 51's at least were mentioned in the canonized stories, so that more than likely developed into something.

Vossk in TSL was displeased with how the guild of bounty hunters fell apart. In the web comics there was a bounty hunter (looked rather mandalorian too ), so I suspect something came of Vossk and the guild. Vossk believed in its core principles.

The mandalorians: they are somewhat honor bound, and considering their future in the PT series. My guess is that through the years lots of them were nomadic, basically allies with each other, but wildcards overall. Many as bounty hunters, for sure. However, there does seem to be arguments as to where they actually went and what they really did.

The armor...for the mercenaries working with the sith, and for military for the republic looks eerily similar to clones trooppers. What do you all think?:

A) Mandalorians had something to do with it on both sides
B) Universal design considerations and no Mandalorian help
C) something else (state your thought)

Corporations and trade: This is a bit blank and could use a bit of development. If TOR is as full of story as is boasted, then what about this area?

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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