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You're right, but I've never shot with two guns, hence the "rookieness" lol. But maybe we can change the animations of the guns because baseJKA animations for ranged weapons really is stupid. As for the one handed pistol, can you tweak that ?

Edit: The clone rifle is a little bit nasty too. In BF2, it's quite a strong weapon (an award, to be precise), here in OJP, it loses it's glamor. Maybe you should lower the rate of fire, and make the damage a little bit higher.

As for Co-Op. I love the idea, but it's quite buggy. Here and there, some things do not work and the map always restarts. If it's easy, can you make such that it continues the story (I have no skill or experience in modding, so I don't know if it's hard or not, just giving suggestions.) The cutscenes are a pain in the posterior too, but I understand why, it's way too hard to mod them.

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