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Wolf's footsteps echoed through the stone corridor. It was very dimmly lit, but he could make out the unique patterns and symbols along the walls of the grey stone; a forgotten language used by the ancients.

He made a stop to a what looked like a dead end infront of him. But it could have been more than that; the unique circular shapes and symbols imbedded indicated it was a door. He pressed his hand against the symbol, and it glew like a blue neon light. The door slid open.

Wolf blinked twice when he saw the artifact ahead of him: glowing with its distinct aura. It seemed to be held by a pedastool, which sat on an altar. The alter seemed suspended in mid air, as down below there was nothing but darkness. The only way to reach the altar was to jump across. But Wolf knew there had to be mroe than that!

He pulled out his Revolver, and jumped across to the altar, which held a wide open floor. As his boots landed on the pavement, something fell out of the roof above him. The thing that crashed onto the floor appeared to be type of large pod. The pod suddenly began to move and mechanically transform: into a large assault droid.

This is a good time... he thought. He activated his device. The gem attached to his Revolver began to glow of a blue aura, which then encircled Wolf's body. Then his armor began to transform; It mechanically shifted the pieces together around his body, until most Wolf's body (aside from his head) was covered with mechanised Black Armor with wings. His Revolver had evolved itself into what appeared to be a gunblade.

"Its been a while... I hope it hasen't rusted..." he muttered. He launched himself to attack the droid...
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