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PC or Console

I almost didn't catch it when I read the question, it's a old nerd tech joke man.

Can anybody say: Console Window!

You know - the thing that drops down on your PC during a game that your playing, you hit the tidle key, type in cheats, etc.

And the PC, well that's obvious is it not.

Good One..... Rogue Nine.


You know what! Apparently I still didn't catch it, well sort of.

I still believe that it's a tech joke, but not the one that I'm thinking of.

Ok, let me see - you are refering to the console as the game video console and the PC as the Player Controls.

In which case you wouldn't play any game with just a console, you would play with the Player Controls. So the right and only answer would be the PC.

Am I right? Or am I just being an idiot and overthinking this?


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