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I just added a couple of lines of code to my mkspeech tool.

It is now able to generate a "monster.so3" directly.
It expects the following files in the same directory:
1) All MISE samples converted to mp3 named as unxwb-mi extracts them from Speech.xwb.
2) A file mi1.txt created from the original Monkey Island with "scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -of mi1.txt -H"
3) The
4) Optionally a mapping.txt that reassigns the mappings generated by the match heuristic.

Just run the tool and it should generate
1) monster.so3
2) mi1new.txt
3) missing.txt => Mappings that have not been found or are ambiguous.

Use "scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -if mi1new.txt -H" to put the strings back into the data files.

There are of course a couple of issues..
Biggest problem here also seems the multi line texts.
Using LogicDeLuxe proposal does not seem to work. No matter if the speech signature is placed before or after the \xFF\x03... The line is spoken but the text is not displayed.

Any help would be useful regarding this issue....

So, what to do next? When you want to use my tool, just fill in the mapping.txt as there are a couple of lines that do not match, improve the tool itself or bring up other ideas on how to make it better.

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