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Originally Posted by Espiox View Post
Now I'm working on adding the choice to convert to mp3 or ogg.
Don't forget FLAC support.
Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
including music replacement yes/no
Remember, you don't need the CD for this, but you may use it. Ripping them from your CD would give better quality than the compressed versions of the SE, so 3 options would be optimal.
- Convert the classic versions music.
- Convert the SE's music.
- Don't convert any music.

And who doesn't want Spiffy in there anyways? I think, creating a second game data patch, just to left Spiffy out, isn't worth the effort.

And is there a tool which can extract single files from the pak file? Extracting the entire thing, just to get 2 files is a bit overkill. An option for the pak extractor to select the file(s) you want would be useful here.
Originally Posted by Rapp Scallion View Post
I don't think this is correct? I remember when I was little I played SMI with the game files on the hard drive, using a Rayman CD for audio :P
I'm aware, there is a no-CD crack somewhere, but I don't think, it would be a good idea to have the user require that. Though, since we're patching the game data files already, we could fix it in the script, I think.
Originally Posted by jott View Post
No matter if the speech signature is placed before or after the \xFF\x03... The line is spoken but the text is not displayed.
And if your tool would merge the voice files? Not perfect, I know, but at least somewhat we can call usable. It's basically what FOA does as well. I checked it, it also has text lines with \xFF\x03 in it which only use one voice sample.
For merging, it would be best to extract them as raw pcm and have them converted to mp3/ogg/flac after they are joint as need.
The alternative would be rewriting all the scripts which use such lines. A lot more work, I guess. Were there script changes like this in the speech project? I mean other than those with variables in it?
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