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Originally Posted by CommanderQ View Post
Well, we could expand the RC forum, start little competitions, create polls that could be successful, and maybe even begin a small fanfic area. Those are just a few ideas we were tossing back and forth in the RC group.
Expanding the forum is likely out of the question - there's just not enough activity to warrant any expansion. It would need a massive boost in activity for that to be an option.

Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
Well, there isn't a lot that this community can do short of the books. The reason why the KOTOR section is so active is because its a mega popular game series, and its modding capabilities are steadily on the rise, and then the speculation about K3. With RC, the most you can do is play the game, and maybe make a skin of your total of your squard, a wookie, or one of your 3 enemies. RC is fairly limited it what it could have done, unfortunately.
Some good points there, Trigger. Maybe it's just hopeless enthusiasm on my part, but i'd like to think there was some chance of increasing activity here. Of course, that might not be possible, but it's worth a shot at least.

*Fingers crossed there's an RC2 announcement on Friday*
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