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Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
What I got is an mi1new.txt, a missing.txt and the monster.so3

What now?
Next step is to integrate the mi1new.txt into the original game files (make sure you have a backup...):
scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -if mi1new.txt -H

When putting the monster.so3 in the MI1 game folder and you run it via ScummVM you should hear voices (just to make sure everything works for you).

You will notice right from the beginning that there are some errors as "Hi!" as a string occurs multiple of times and thus there is no way(*) to automatically detect which "Hi!" is used.

When you look at the "missing.txt" you should see something like:
Multiple hits for line "Hi!": HRM_80_fort_25_1.mp3 - Add  584,0=975 to mapping.txt
Multiple hits for line "Hi!": GUY_38_lookout_28_1.mp3 - Add  584,0=2306 to mapping.txt
Multiple hits for line "Hi!": HRM_20_main-beach_48_1.mp3 - Add  584,0=2604 to mapping.txt
Multiple hits for line "Hi!": GUY_20_main-beach_58_1.mp3 - Add  584,0=4134 to mapping.txt
Probably four times.
So it's about finding out, which "Hi!" is the correct in all the four places.

When adding "584,0=4134" to mapping.txt, the next call of "mkspeech" should pick the last sample for that particular line (not sure if this is the right association - this is just an example).

Finally you need to call scummtr again, to integrate the new text file (and make sure to use the new moster.so3 too).

I think a little problem occurs depending on the version we use as the patches from cocomonk22 change the order of strings a bit.
I haven't put any thought on how to make it a bit more robust in that regard....
But if the version is defined properly for the file, it will not be hard to convert it later...

(*) There might be a way, but it would probably involve modifying (or rebuilding) scummtr to get the room ids. Unfortunately I have not found the source code for scummtr so this does not seem to be an option..... well having scummtr source would also allow to build a single application that performs ALL steps :-(
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