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"If that is the case then we shall be alright with the shot," Jun-la replied. After loading Alriana onto the ship, they were headed towards the Huntau station. Matton was at the stick and had called over the comm, "Approaching the station, ETA 5 minutes."

"Any problems?" Jun-la asked.

"None. They seemed to be expecting us."

Turning to Kurt and Komad, Jun-la asked, "Is it possible that the Explorers out here can sense more than we do or were they just monitoring us? I wouldn't know because this region I have not been to for some time."


Tavaryn smiled and asked over the comm, "Garen, where does my niece head to now?"

Tonatius looked at Kalla as they boarded Jun-la's ship. He gave a smile and replied, "Companionship is a much needed strength for the Republic but it also carries a weakness that only the lowest of the low would dare to exploit."


"We have arrived at the coordinates Lord Tyrannus. What does the Blood King wish us to do?"

"Excellent," Tyrannus replied, "He wants you to wait. They will come to you. For the moment you may take what you need from the settling Explorers."

"May our realms be united," and Karaka faded as the transmission ended.

Tyrannus waited until it was completely gone before going in search of Andirrul. Finding her, he said, "Little Pretty, Karaka is waiting at a specific set of coordinates. For certain your three terrors will find your betrayers there. Of course having them dog them to the main battle will be just as amusing. The Blood King wishes you to know that you did a smart move."

He then turned to leave. Just before he left he said over his shoulder, "Should you wish for a teacher of certain things in the Force, I have the means to teach you."

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