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Voran threw off the covers of his bed as the alarm next to his head chimed in a soft repeating chime.

"Admiral. We've managed to pinpoint the gravity mass. It appears to be a large asteroid that is hidden by some sort of cloaking device. Communications are also back online. We are awaiting your orders sir."

He nodded slowly as he threw on his uniform and began the walk to the bridge. "Charge Turbolasers but don't fire until I give the order. This technology...shouldn't be destroyed. Begin clearing the hanger bay in case we are able to retrieve the object located on the asteroid. Inform the space-trooper squad that they are to prepare for zero-g movement in one hour's time."

"Yes admiral."

Minutes later

The admiral walked onto the brige and nodded to his sensor officer as he turned to salute him. "Admiral. We've detected two pirate battlecrusiers at the edge of the system. They are holding position on the outskirts of the system."

"They must not have expected to catch a Star Destroyer of all things out here. Open communications and tell them that we have located the asteroid. Inform them that they're lives will be spared if they agree to let us take the cloak for study."

The communications officer nodded and repeated the message to the pirates and grinned as the response came back through. "They've closed the channel and are powering up weapons sir. Looks like they think they can match us hit for hit."

Garja sighed deeply. "Rasie shields. Arm Ion weapons only. I don't want to destroy them."

The Star Destroyer's ion cannons shot toward the first ship and Garja watched as the ship tumbled through space, it's main power disabled.

"The other ship is breaking off."

The admiral nodded again. "Prepare the space-trooper squad. A cloak is a rare thing but for one to be able to cloak an asteroid that's quite remarkable."

The second officer nodded and then quietly turned to the communications officer. "Open a secure channel to the grand admiral. Tell him that Admiral Garja refused to destroy an enemy vessel. Inform him that he disabled it with no intention of boarding and shows no sign of destroying it."

The officer nodded slightly and sent the message.

It's a shame. It was an honor to serve under the admiral but the regulations stand. Any hesitation in destroying any enemy vessel had to be reported. And the consequnces for disobaying that particular order are quite severe.
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