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For the first time in what seemed like ages, the Andorra side of Andirrul was firmly in control. Lord Virul was the master of his fate--and hers--but he was cold, arrogant, unreachable and unteachable. Especially toward one such as Tyrannus, his hatred overcame any desire of his to grow stronger in the Force. Not this time. This time Andirrul would learn what the second Lord of the Sith Triumvirate had to teach her--if she survived him trying to execute her for the betrayal she had just tried to carry out against him. "Indeed," she said. "Yes. I am willing to undergo this lesson, Lord Tyrannus. I will need it against Kalla..." Why had she said that? She hadn't even been thinking of Kalla at the moment...


Pahro Utonula, in her courier's vessel, decided she had had enough of trying to ingratiate herself to other people. Gone were her urbane manners, gone were her pretenses at being an educated and cultured denizen of the press. Gone even were her curly hair and her rolls of fat at the belly! She was a new woman now--or, that is to say, a new man--and men meant business.

((Sorry to be so mixed up, but where are Kalla and Komad right now?))
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