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“Kid there’s not a damn thing you could do for our species and they’re not what we fight for. We’ll fight for the credits, the Ultrachrome, Terror’s next meal.” Mech responded over the comlink, he and his other two companions now at their warehouse.

“Tell. Them. Want. Cake.” Terror requested for no apparent reason.

“What?” Mech asked somewhat surprised.

Terror snarled and pleaded “Pleeeeeeasssseeee!”

Mech responded “You want a cake, make it yourself. Or buy one. Just don’t get any of your crap on my stuff. Since when did you develop a taste for human cake anyway?”

“Stopped. Bakery. Before. You. Ate. Cake. Surgar. Good.” Terror smiled in an unsettling way.

Mech shook his head and said to Wrath “And… and we want a cake.”

“Big. One.” Terror added happily.

“Make it a big one.” Mech added with a defeated sigh.

“If we’re asking for cake, then we might as well as for some human ‘entertainers’, if you understand my meaning.” Ulim joked. “They’re faces are flat, but once you get past that they’re not so bad.”

“Can. I. Eat. Them?”

“Screw it, no one is getting anything. Wrath, just give us the coordinates and we’ll deal with him. We’ll just have the credits and Ultrachrome and that’s it.” Mech said, silencing them.
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