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After a few hours...

Lord Grier stood in the middle of the room. Shevlan, Alyssa and Kreik entered the room together.

"It is done my lord", Shevlan said. Lord Grier turned to face them.

"Well send her in", Lord Grier replied and focused his eyes on the door.

"Pandora, enter the room", Kreik said as a young woman entered.

(This is somewhat like what Shana looks like now but instead of blonde hair she has blue-ish hair and grey eyes:

Lord Grier walked towards her.

"What is your name young one?", Grier asked. The girl turned to face him. Her eyes lifeless.

"My name is Pandora, the executioner", the girl said.

"Excellent", Lord Grier turned away. "Take her to the Korealis multiverse and get the artifact for project Q, we no longer need the girl so if she falls to the enemy it's of no consequence. Just make sure she opens the container".

Shevlan nodded and left the room with everyone.


Illya had her eyes fixed upon a wrist band that Shana had given her. She suddenly had a bad feeling, as if something terrible had happened. A feeling tearing at her heart. She knew Shana wasn't dead but somehow she could feel her pain. This was making the anger and frustration in her to burn even more.

Asuza moved from Hizuni to Kai making sure they were fine. She approached Kai and tended the burns in his face diminishing the damage considerably.

"I will give you a remedy back in the Altaria, if you keep putting it on, it will not leave any scars alright?", she told Kai.

The mage was still there. Commander Carrington nodded at his plea.

"If you don't start talking, I will personally make sure Kai and Illya have their way with you. If you talk right now I might think about making you comfortable in a prison, far away from Kai and Illya", Commander Carrington said.

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