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"I will give you a remedy back in the Altaria, if you keep putting it on, it will not leave any scars alright?"

Kai didn't answer. He simply stared blankly at the celling with expressionless eyes.

Hizuni turned toward Azuna. "Something's wrong with him. I've seen him angry, I''ve seen him sad and I've seen him happy. But I've never seen him like this. I think...something happend to his head when he saw that other girl taken."

She turned back toward Kai and patted him on the head. " need to shrug it off Onii-san! Shrug it off!"

Outside the transport

"If you don't start talking, I will personally make sure Kai and Illya have their way with you. If you talk right now I might think about making you comfortable in a prison, far away from Kai and Illya."

The mage stared with fear in his eyes at Terranova and Kai before speaking again.

"This group...has been around for many years. And they've always operated in the utmost secrecy. There never left any witnesses to their crimes. They are one of the most highly developed organizations I've fought. They're agents are very highly trained and they have mastered very powerful spells...spells I would have not thought possible to learn....and they always spoke the word Pandora in reverance"

He looked at the two of them with the defiance returning to his eyes.

"They were the reason I began to collect the artifacts at such a young age. They attacked the city I lived in as a young man and left no witnesses...I was away at the time. And when I returned they had slaughtered everything."

The mage's voice grew softer and softer as he related his tale, and his eyes began to fill with hate.

"Even I can't match their power...I would do anything to kill them...anything."


Why can't I hear you anymore? Why can't I hear you anymore? Why can't I hear you anymore? Why don't you answer? Why don't you answer? Why don't you answer?

Kai was constantly transitting the message in his head to everyone in range, even if he didn't realize he was doing it. He had retreated into the darkest corner of his mind he could find to just try and get away from the pain he was feeling.

Where are you?

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