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Akira was following Wolf close behind, weapon at the ready.

They suddenly reached a small canyon, and Wolf jumped across it. Just in time for a small metal pad to fall nearby and transform into an assault droid.

"Its been a while... I hope it hasen't rusted..."

Akira moved fast, dropping to the ground and providing covering fire with his rifle. It managed to distract the droid's fire, sending thousands of rounds in his direction. A stray bullet ricocheted off the wall and struck him in the arm, just in the point where his armor curved with his shoulder-pad, the one vulnerability.

He didn't notice it at first, but when he noticed that he couldn't move his right arm as well, and the blood spilling over into his rifle, the pain came.

Akira grabbed his shoulder for a quick moment.

"What luck....."

He ignored the pain and continued firing.

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