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Garrick activated the comm to Tavaryn.

"Anything that we can get down there to support Durrel would be good....we're deploying now...."

There was no telling what Captain Durrel had encountered, and the loss of the Jatalra base so long ago didn't improve the situation.

Velerc sat on top of his bunk, reading the reports of the remaining Imperial Forces that survived the Bastion Engagement. The lists were still long, so that was a good sign, a sign of least in Imperial Navy tradition.

Suddenly, his door chimed, and one of his Lieutenants stepped inside.

"Sir...reports from Scouts 3 and 4 have given us some rather disturbing readings. Admiral Garja's vessel was out along the flanking asteroids, his orders were to secure the perimeter. Apparently, he failed in those orders, and has refused to attack. Reports even suggest that he is meeting with the enemy leaders."

Velerc tossed the reports to the other side of the bunk and stood, his boots clattering loudly against the metal. This was the worst time for this.

"'re saying that he is violating Naval Code 32177 of Imperial Hand book 12?"

"Line 3, paragraph 26, Grand Admiral, yes. It would seem he has."

Velerc's hand went to his forehead, and he wiped off a little bit of sweat.

" will do terrible things to the Fleet's morale...."

Velerc himself had great hopes for the young Admiral, he even considered taking the lad under his own wing. He had shown so much promise, and could've been a potentially great leader for the fleet once Velerc was gone.

The aging Grand Admiral sat on the bed again, his back ramrod straight.

He hated what he was going to do next. But it was for the good of the Empire.

"Order all ships in our sector to converge on Garja...the news of this would break up morale...and in order to prevent any more mutinies..."

"We must destroy this an example."

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