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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
Actually, I was very skeptical at first, but what I have seen has increased my interest greatly. It sounds like much of the game can be played SP style, which I prefer, and the idea of having a huge world to roam is very appealing. And if I can limit who else I play with that is good too. I just dread going to a city or bar where EVERYONE is a Jedi named Revan. So Shem I think there is hope yet, and maybe just you and me will play together.
Don't worry Prime naming conventions will likely prohibit the use of certain names from Star Wars, and I'll bet that'll be one of them.

In pretty much all MMO's it's your choice who you talk to. Don't want to talk to someone? Don't. Group with someone and find out they're a jerk? Report them, and ignore them in the future. You will also likely have a friends list of some sort so you can keep a running list of people you know, or people you've grouped with before who were good players.

The game world here is going to be huge spanning multiple planets with, according to Bioware, a great deal of solo content, and a different story arc, with different missions for each character class. Bioware is doing so many things that no other MMO does that you really can't compare it to the others that are out. In any MMO you can play at whatever pace you want...I played WoW for years without joining a hardcore guild or raiding seven days a week, and I still managed to get 2 1/2 characters to max level before I decided I wanted to give it up. I played by myself a great deal of time, and requested help from others when I needed to. I found that most players, even the ones I didn't know, were generally just there to play and enjoy themselves.

They've said it themselves, Bioware is not looking to create a WoW killer, and frankly I'm glad because all the other games that have tried to be such have failed miserably. Blizzard designed a fantastic game, around an epic franchise, and found a formula to keep people interested and keep them playing. Bioware is trying to do the same thing, but in their own way. To those that have no previous MMO experience...I would say give it a chance. You never might just like it.

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