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Hmmm...I would think that the training of the Mandalorians had more to do with familial other words, the Mandalorian Father would train his sons from the youngest age possible, teaching them, disciplinging them, the whole deal. This goes on until the Mandalorian son leaves or the Father dies or...just anytime were the trainee hits the epitome of training.

Now, Clones are trained from birth, starting out with flash-training, watching a holo-screen that teaches them all of the essentials of combat. Then they move onto a boot camp atmosphere which is meant to break them down, and build them up in a better, more elite, image of a soldier. This continues until there first taste of combat...

So I'm going to say there's little difference onto how the Mando'a and clones were trained...the only real difference is family...but the clones made up for this with their brothers and training sergeants.

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