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Originally Posted by ET Warrior View Post
And since it would appear that the group bringing forth the lawsuit is of the opine that having 'In God We Trust' as the national motto is problematic, wouldn't this be more or less the appropriate process for them to take to attempt to get that kind of thing changed?
*Wonders* Hmm....spend $100K on a project---stimulus in action --that most Americans don't have a problem with in principle (except for the part about that nasty little insolvency problem the govt is futhering in general) or wasting a ton of money in a court battle that will likely exceed the $100K of the project. I guess no matter how you look at fees ftw (ok, to lawyers, anyway ). Perhaps the better thing to do is accept the inevitability of it and then continue to go on a publicity tour about why you think it's wrong. Evolution (I thhought atheists loved that concept ), not revolution.

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