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Originally Posted by Astor Kaine View Post
I'm also digging the girl with the large gun at 0.25.
I agree with you sir and also proclaim that I will not kill her during the game, because people as sexy as that should not be killed.

I really love the UI they've made, sleek and very in with the times. Nice to them develop such a lean and functional UI after the half-baked one in KotOR II. The video really impressed me, and like Jeff it's on my Top 5 list for sure. Just below Deus Ex, in fact. >_>

In fact, the game reminds me of Deus Ex, as I haven't seen an RPG in a modern setting since Deus Ex, so I'm really digging this shindig. The music at the end of the walkthrough strongly reminded me of Deus Ex. >_>

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