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Kurt nodded and gave himself the shot through the neck. He placed his helmet and gauntlets back on and cracked his neck. He turned to face Master Jun-la when she spoke to Komad. He nodded when Komad told Jun-la what he had done for Alriana.

"I just glad I could help her out ma'am."

Kurt was slightly concerned as to why the base was already expecting them, but shook the thought away quickly. He simply stood there and let his mind relax a bit...for once.


"Our sources last spotted them at Jatalra, if you hurry you should still catch them. Tonatius is your target but you are free to kill whoever gets in your way, or doesn't. Wrath out."

Wrath shut off the comlink and made his way back to Andirrul. She was looking much better than she was a few minutes ago, as if she hadn't showed those few minutes of sadness. He walked over to her and bowed.

"Your assassins have accepted their mission and will soon be on their way. Do you require anything else my mistress?"
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