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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
I agree with you sir and also proclaim that I will not kill her during the game, because people as sexy as that should not be killed.
Her name's SIE, and she's a former East German operative, now a mercenary. She's also a 40-year-old dominatrix, and lives on a "Join me or die, bitch" motto. In the end, I'm thinking she'll violently sodomize Thorton, but that's just a hunch.
I really love the UI they've made, sleek and very in with the times. Nice to them develop such a lean and functional UI after the half-baked one in KotOR II. The video really impressed me, and like Jeff it's on my Top 5 list for sure. Just below Deus Ex, in fact. >_>
It definitely has that "realistic" feel, especially when using computers, much like how Deus Ex was. I'm hoping there's more computer-based elements, though, such as hacking into security systems and using them against enemies, as that never became stale in DX.
In fact, the game reminds me of Deus Ex, as I haven't seen an RPG in a modern setting since Deus Ex, so I'm really digging this shindig. The music at the end of the walkthrough strongly reminded me of Deus Ex. >_>
The game definitely seems to broadcast similar feelings to what I basked in when playing Deus Ex, and I think it might have the potential to fill in empty RPG elements left out by DX (An actual dialogue system, for one). Only time can tell, though.

As far as music goes, from most of the the 90 second samples that I've gathered from the official website, it gives of a very suspenseful, orchestrated vibe to it, similar to any action flicks of the day, particularly Batman Begins. It does have more electronica-inspired beats to it, along with more big brass blasts for action scenes. The main theme, for one, is fairly minimalist, yet still "loud" enough to catch attention.
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